Everything that can go wrong when sending and sharing documents

Posted by Nick Kumes on October 27 2016

shutterstock_400255669.jpgIn a hypercompetitive economy where enterprises are doing everything they can to turn a profit and increase market share, the last thing a business owner or executive wants to see is innovation and growth sabotaged by cyber criminals, hackers, or irresponsible employees.

Unfortunately, the biggest source of risk for data breaches and leaks comes with one of the essential pillars of business today: email. It’s the preferred method of communication for virtually every company out there, and it is vital that organizations take additional precautions to protect their most sensitive information when using it. In this post I’ll go over a few vulnerabilities related to the uncontrolled sharing of documents and data via email that Vaultize helps companies address every day.

Secure your data

Government under attack

Fears of espionage expand well beyond the traditional corporate enterprise. Earlier this month we learned of a NSA contractor stealing highly sensitive data that, according to the Justice Department, if released could have caused “exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the United States.” It also appears that Russian hackers were responsible for the Democratic National Convention email leak and subsequent hack that threatened to compromise the integrity of our election.

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Law leaks ruin cases

Most legal professionals will admit that unauthorized third party access of sensitive data could be catastrophic to their firms. Whether it’s the accidental dissemination of critical information about a case or simply the mishandling of client information, nothing can sever a client relationship and put an attorney, paralegal and their firm in hotter water than a data breach or leak.

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The cutthroat energy industry

In the energy sphere, companies are constantly looking to eradicate attack vectors that seem to increase in number and sophistication year after year. Protecting sensitive communications is critical when combatting pirates hacking an offshore mobile network, a competitor who is looking to get a leg up on a lucrative drill zone via underhanded means or addressing an explosion/operational gaff the company doesn’t want in the headlines.

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A finance field rife with pitfalls

Similar pitfalls dot the high stakes world of finance, where banks and other financial institutions have access to massive amounts of personal data and are constantly battling attacks from the inside and outside. With the rise of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) work culture, complex corporate networks are at greater risk than ever before, with the consequence of breaches ranging from astronomical litigation costs, fines and public embarrassment.

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Preparing for the worst

Vaultize provides award-winning digital rights management (DRM), EFSS, mobile content management (MCM) and data protection solutions to enterprise customers across the Fortune 1000, including some of the largest legal firms, financial institutions and energy companies in the world. We protect our clients from data breaches by encrypting sensitive data at the source and using advanced DRM functionality to provide complete control and governance over sensitive corporate information. With end-to-end security and flexible deployment options, Vaultize can help you better manage and protect your data on any device, at any time, and in any place.

Secure your data

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