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Posted by Camden Swita on June 14 2017

Government agencies throughout the world are bolstering data security strategies in the wake of intelligence leaks and possible election meddling in the US and elsewhere. The UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is no exception. The Queen has tasked the agency with managing a new National Cyber Security Center and combating cyberthreats to the national infrastructure, utility grids and healthcare systems.

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G7 to Finance Sector: Play by These New Rules

Posted by Camden Swita on October 18 2016

The Group of Seven, a bloc of some of the largest industrial powers in the world, paid special attention to financial sector data security threats during its annual meeting earlier this month.

Citing a growing concern over massively expensive and embarrassing breaches and leaks in the industry, the Group of Seven, or G7, released a set of cybersecurity guidelines it insists governments and financial institutions follow to reduce risk.

The damages done to both financial institutions’ and governments’ reputations—not to mention the financial repercussions—by more recent incidents underscores the group’s decision to formalize a common strategy among the world’s economic powers.

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Securing Office 365 Email Attachments with Vaultize Plugin

Posted by Praneeth Ponaka on March 10 2016

Over last couple of years organizations have increasingly adopting Office 365. Enterprise IT is looking for ways to secure environment such that corporate data still stays in its control (in line with data governance and compliance objectives of the business) even after the rollout of Office 365.

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WhatsApp Adds File Sharing – Another Reason for CIO to Look for Mobile-friendly Secure Enterprise File Sharing

Posted by Sayali Kekre on March 4 2016

Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging service (one of the most popular consumer applications) has introduced file sharing (currently only PDF). For consumers this is a moment to cheer. But given that corporate employees are increasingly using WhatsApp for communication, the addition of document sharing is another data leakage channel that every CIO needs to pay attention to.

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Topics: Mobile Content Management (MCM), Compliance, file security, enterprise file sharing, Secure FIle Sharing, enterprise digital rights management, Shadow-IT, Access Control, encryption, data governance, Mobile File Sharing, data leakage

Safe Harbor, Privacy and Sovereignty Elements in Enterprise File Sharing

Posted by Anand Kekre on October 20 2015

Consumerization of information technology and enterprise mobility have given rise to end-users’ demand for anywhere, anytime access to corporate data. While ignoring such requests is turning out to be risky for enterprise IT because of Shadow-IT, many businesses have implemented enterprise file sharing (Enterprise File Sync and Share – EFSS) solutions as an alternative to Dropbox.

But just implementing a secure enterprise file sharing solution is not the end to the IT decision makers’ woes. Recently the Court of Justice of the European Union declared that the US Safe Harbor is invalid, directly affecting the companies in European countries that use public cloud file sharing vendors. It was an eye opener for other geographies as well.

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Lotus Notes now integrated with Digital Rights Management for Compliance and Data Governance

Posted by Anand Kekre on October 16 2015

In line with our vision of delivering end-to-end file security, we are today announcing the addition of Vaultize Lotus Notes Plug-in to our enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) platform. This enables large size file sharing capability through Lotus Notes with complete security, IT control and visibility to meet compliance and data governance requirements.

The Vaultize Plug-in for IBM Lotus Notes replaces email attachments with secure links – enabling better IT control while reducing email storage (both in the mailbox and on email server) and network bandwidth.

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