Huge boost coming in endpoint security spending, study finds

Posted by Camden Swita on August 2 2017

A recent study by a security research firm and antivirus developer shows that a whopping 72 percent of businesses are planning to ramp spending on endpoint security in the coming months. Nearly a third of them plan to significantly boost spending on endpoint security, such as backup, encryption and restore capabilities.

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143 million records leaked in July – ransomware racks up huge numbers

Posted by Camden Swita on July 28 2017

Over 143 million valuable, sensitive records were leaked or stolen in July or were reported as previously lost in July. Ransomware, data breaches, leaks and insider theft, a new report shows.

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How It's Made: A Ransomware-riddled Network

Posted by Camden Swita on July 13 2017

A closer look at NotPetya actions after it infected one endpoint

There’s been a lot of talk about how NotPetya made it onto corporate networks in late June. There were two main vectors: attachments in phishing emails and an infected update from tax software made by a Ukrainian company. But how did the ransomware spread after it infected just one endpoint? It had two options: the “flat network” exploit and the “stolen NSA tech” path. The former seems to have been the one most frequently used.

Protect yourself against ransomware

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Webinar: how to be ready for ransomware and sleep at night

Posted by Camden Swita on July 5 2017

A ransomware attack can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and the health of your organization. A single compromised workstation containing sensitive intellectual property or customer data can be equal to hundreds of thousands or even millions in damages.

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Posted by Camden Swita on June 30 2017

As details emerge about the ransomware behind this week’s global attack, NotPetya, one fact is becoming clear: ransomware is becoming more advanced, destructive and harder to kill—weaponized, if you will.

A report on June 30 by Forbes details just how nasty—and sophisticated—the attack was. Experts are saying it’s more of a “superweapon” designed to wreak havoc, spread fast and damage infected machines than a cash-grabbing tool.

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Posted by Camden Swita on January 27 2017

New Tools Enhance the Vaultize Platform and Further End-to-End Security Promise, Facilitate Simplified e-Discovery, Efficient Workflow Security, Better Email Practices

01/27/2017 – SAN FRANCISCO Vaultize Technologies announced today the release of three new tools to enhance its data lifecycle security platform. Enhanced Auditing, SecureSend and GetLink are designed to help enterprises more easily meet data-compliance and data-governance requirements.

Regulations of how data is handled in most industries including healthcare, insurance, finance and legal will grow more stringent in 2017. Vaultize’s new features are intended to keep the company and its customers ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking, auditing and versioning data and maintaining records showing that they took every possible step to ensure safe and direct delivery of sensitive files and documents online.

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Wipro, CDW and Others ENTER partnerships with Vaultize to expand file security and data lifecycle protection capabilities

Posted by Camden Swita on January 20 2017

Simplified One-Platform Approach to File Security and Tracking a Must-Have for Large Resellers and Their Customers

Wipro, CDW and other global IT, industry and finance leaders including Savangard and Wavestone announced today their formal partnerships with Vaultize Technologies to extend and improve their file security and data lifecycle protection capabilities.

Vaultize enables partners and their clients to protect assets and streamline workflows that involve sensitive information. Vaultize provides file security, auditing, and tracking tools via one platform, which also features DRM controls, secure collaboration spaces and plugins for major email clients. Partners currently using and reselling the Vaultize platform besides CDW, Wipro and Savangard include Get the Net, SML Capital Advisers, Harmonie, Cube ITG, Liquid PC, Sm4rt, Investor IQ, Wavestone and Totally Networked.

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Vaultize Roadmap Update: What We Have Planned

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on November 3 2016

Vaultize has always been at the forefront of innovation in enterprise file security and secure sharing. We hold our promise of securing data end-to-end – cradle to grave and source to destination – very close to our hearts. This vision is what drives our roadmap and pushes us to continuously update and improve our solutions.

We have been working on some exciting things and wanted to give a preview of some upcoming features. These will be generally available to our customers within the next quarter.

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NYC business leaders gather to discuss data security and internal threats

Posted by Camden Swita on November 1 2016

Over 75 New York business leaders convened at Vaultize’s Cocktails and Conversation event on October 26 to discuss encroaching threats to the security of their companies’ most sensitive data and what can be done about them.

In attendance were directors and executives from Citigroup Private Bank, Stonebridge Capital Markets, Capital One Bank, Société Générale, Goldman Sachs and Berdon LLP. A variety of security issues facing today’s business leaders were brought up in conversations and during a short presentation by Jim Mongillo, Vaultize CEO, including how to deal with threats from internal sources, proper methods for encrypting documents and how to implement an effective DRM strategy.

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Introducing Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Vaultize Enterprise File Sharing Platform

Posted by Anand Kekre on June 2 2016

Announcing Vaultize Rights Management - Digital / Information Rights Management (DRM / IRM) fully integrated into the Vaultize platform for file sharing and sync, anywhere access to corporate data repositories and managed mobility. Now Vaultize's ground-breaking information security goes along with your data (or information) wherever it goes - even on devices that are not under your control.
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