Data breaches are a lot like climate change

Posted by Camden Swita on April 18 2017

Data breaches and climate change are a lot alike. Preventing either requires enough people to care about mistakes made one, two, or ten years ago and to change their daily habits to help prevent a growing, if hard to define, problem.

“Information security is a race between peak indifference to surveillance and the point of no return for data-collection and retention,” Cory Doctorow wrote in a recent article on BoingBoing. “The unprecedented leaks in 2016 were not (merely) the result of data gathered last year; much of that data was gathered in the decades [before] this one, inadequately secured and treated as so inconsequential that Yahoo allowed the NSA to backdoor a billions-strong silo filled with data its customers had not even realized they were filling.”

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Can I buy your corporate login info?

Posted by Camden Swita on April 4 2017

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How does $250 sound?

Recent research shows that’s all it would take for about 7 percent of European employees to cough up access to their corporate networks. 14 percent would sell their login info, although their price points would be a bit higher. The same study, which surveyed 4,000 employees in Europe, found that 29 percent have purposefully sent sensitive information outside their company and 15 percent have taken “business critical” information from one job to another with the purpose of reusing it.

These are facts that every business and IT leader needs to understand and consider how to address.

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