How one bank reduced data leaks by 87 percent, saved over $600 million in one year

Posted by Camden Swita on August 24 2017

Multi-national banks send hundreds of sensitive documents each day. These contain highly valuable or private information pertaining to pending business transactions, customers’ personal information and internal business practices and strategy. If any of these documents are leaked or stolen, there’s a very good chance that the bank will suffer massive damage to its reputation, lose customers and partners and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up the mess.

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Increased security for legislators

Posted by Camden Swita on June 26 2017

In the wake of last week’s shooting incident at a GOP baseball practice, the House Administration Committee plans to increase funding for members by $25,000 through the balance of 2017 to cover the cost of increased security. This is an important measure, given the increased presence of crowds – and protesters – at many political town halls and Republican events. However, the funding is earmarked for physical security, leaving the issue of cyber security largely unaddressed.

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NYC business leaders gather to discuss data security and internal threats

Posted by Camden Swita on November 1 2016

Over 75 New York business leaders convened at Vaultize’s Cocktails and Conversation event on October 26 to discuss encroaching threats to the security of their companies’ most sensitive data and what can be done about them.

In attendance were directors and executives from Citigroup Private Bank, Stonebridge Capital Markets, Capital One Bank, Société Générale, Goldman Sachs and Berdon LLP. A variety of security issues facing today’s business leaders were brought up in conversations and during a short presentation by Jim Mongillo, Vaultize CEO, including how to deal with threats from internal sources, proper methods for encrypting documents and how to implement an effective DRM strategy.

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Everything that can go wrong when sending and sharing documents

Posted by Nick Kumes on October 27 2016

In a hypercompetitive economy where enterprises are doing everything they can to turn a profit and increase market share, the last thing a business owner or executive wants to see is innovation and growth sabotaged by cyber criminals, hackers, or irresponsible employees.

Unfortunately, the biggest source of risk for data breaches and leaks comes with one of the essential pillars of business today: email. It’s the preferred method of communication for virtually every company out there, and it is vital that organizations take additional precautions to protect their most sensitive information when using it. In this post I’ll go over a few vulnerabilities related to the uncontrolled sharing of documents and data via email that Vaultize helps companies address every day.

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Top Data leaks Caused by Poor DRM, File Tracking and Encryption systems

Posted by Camden Swita on October 25 2016

It's amazing how many major data breaches and leaks result from the basic mishandling of sensitive data and a lack of DRM polciies governing access to that data.

If you’re not familiar with the website Information Is Beautiful, spend some time falling down that rabbit hole. It’s a massive collection of interactive infographics showing trends covering everything from the peak age of geniuses to topics hyped by the media over the years and yes, you guessed it, recent data security incidents and their causes.

Secure your data

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Straw to Brick to Stone: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Network Defense Race

Posted by Mark Chow on October 13 2016

When many people think about data security, they think about network and server security – firewalls, anti-virus, etc. In other words, they think about protection against external threats. Given the press attention paid to breaches caused by “hackers,” this is unsurprising. But external threats only make up less than half of what puts sensitive data, documents and files at risk. At its root, data security is a human error problem, and more often than not breaches and leaks stem from problems within a company’s own ranks.

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Assess Your Risk During National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Posted by Camden Swita on October 11 2016

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It’s also the time of year when your organization finalizes its roadmap for next year, so there’s no better time to conduct a data breach preparedness assessment.

Even if you already have a data security strategy in place, it’s critical to take stock often of what’s working and what isn’t and arrange changes to further mitigate your risk of a costly and embarrassing breach or leak. What might have been sufficient to keep your data, documents and files confidential and under your thumb a year or even six months ago may not be enough now. New threats and advancements in threats to your data security crop up all the time and your strategy needs to adapt accordingly.

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4 Things You Can Do to Prevent Data Leakage through Emails

Posted by Anand Kekre on September 29 2016

The number of data leaks and associated financial losses continue to grow significantly year over year. Companies around the world from many industries have seen their sensitive data lost, stolen or leaked to the outside world at an alarming rate—and the problem is only getting worse.

Many of the high-profile leaks and hacks have resulted in millions of dollars in damage to the compromised company, while others have resulted in catastrophic loss of reputation and brand image.

Some of the incidents can be attributed to external threats (hackers) but many if not most of them are caused by mistakes, carelessness and even theft by employees or partners. Among incidents caused by employees or trusted third parties, the vast majority could have been prevented if proactive precautions were taken by the compromised company.

But how can you ensure that employees are handling documents and data appropriately and that nothing goes astray when you’re dealing with email attachments?

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WhatsApp Adds File Sharing – Another Reason for CIO to Look for Mobile-friendly Secure Enterprise File Sharing

Posted by Sayali Kekre on March 4 2016

Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging service (one of the most popular consumer applications) has introduced file sharing (currently only PDF). For consumers this is a moment to cheer. But given that corporate employees are increasingly using WhatsApp for communication, the addition of document sharing is another data leakage channel that every CIO needs to pay attention to.

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3 Key Reasons You Need Enterprise Rights Management

Posted by Anand Kekre on November 19 2015

Security, compliance and data governance requirements are becoming more stringent and challenging for enterprises in today’s world of consumerization of information technology and enterprise mobility where end-users are demanding anywhere, anytime access to corporate data for increased productivity. And, the external threat landscape has grown to a level never seen before.

Have you ever thought about the data leakage factors that can shake your business and destroy you compliance and governance plans?

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