Mitigating Shadow-IT Security Risks Using Vaultize

Posted by Sayali Kekre on August 27 2015

The world of corporate IT has seen a definite shift toward better focus on network security, vulnerability management and data governance. Even as enterprise IT succeeds in deploying better security controls for the assets they know about, it is facing a growing threat from within — the challenge of shadow IT. The escalation of shadow IT in enterprises has remarkably increased over last few years because of freely available consumer cloud services (like Dropbox) and mobile applications.

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Secret of End-to-end Security Unleashed - Encryption & Key Management in Vaultize

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on August 25 2015

In the last few years, corporate work environments have become increasingly distributed and global, more open and consumerized, more collaborative and with more sharing, highly mobile and always on. All this means that corporate data is increasingly going out there in the wild, moving across networks like the Internet, WANs, mobile networks and public WiFis, across devices like roaming laptops, smart-phones and tablets, and across users like third-party vendors, contractors, temps and partners. This clearly means that there cannot be any gap in the security and protection of corporate data and it has to be secured and protected at all times and in all places. The biggest part of the data security solution is achieved using encryption of data – in-transit, at-rest and in-use. Vaultize uses and offers various encryption technologies including US patented Vault KNOX (for in-transit and at-rest data), endpoint encryption (for at-rest data) and plugin-free enterprise digital rights management (aka EDRM, for in-use, in-transit and at-rest data).

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Topics: Mobile Content Management (MCM), Digital Rights Management (DRM), Patent, data leakage prevenation, Vault KNOX, enterprise file security

Introducing Enterprise Rights Management in Mobile File Sharing and Mobile Content Management

Posted by Saurabh Sirdeshmukh on August 13 2015

Vaultize becomes the first solution provider to integrate enterprise digital rights management (eDRM aka enterprise information rights management) with enterprise file sync & share (EFSS), mobile file sharing and mobile content management (MCM). Seamless integration of rights management with enterprise mobility further strengthens the position of Vaultize as the leader in enterprise file security - giving enterprise IT end-to-end security, control and visibility, while providing consumer-like user experience to end-users.

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Topics: Mobile Content Management (MCM), Digital Rights Management (DRM), Announcements, file security, Enterprise Mobility Management, data leakage prevenation

5 Ways to Prevent Accidental Data Leakage and Ensure Enterprise File Security

Posted by Anand Kekre on August 4 2015

Data leakage poses a serious problem for organizations as the number of incidents and associated financial loss continue to grow significantly. Over the last few years, companies across industry verticals around the world have experienced their sensitive data being lost, stolen or leaked to the outside world. Many of the high-profile incidents have even caused direct or indirect damage to the tune of millions of dollars, while others have ended up in loss of reputation and brand-image.

Some of the incidents were caused by external threats (hackers) while others were because of internal users. Out of those that resulted because of internal users or trusted third parties, vast majority were inadvertent. Unintentional leakage of data by internal users who have access to critical, restricted or confidential information can put companies at huge risk, and could have been avoided if precautions were taken proactively.

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