Introducing vDRM Pro Mobile Apps

Posted by Ashish Mahamuni on April 19 2016

With the increasing use of mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – in workplaces, security and control of data going outside the corporate network is becoming more and more challenging to enterprise IT. One of the popular and most secure ways data can be protected and controlled, irrespective of where it goes, is Enterprise Digital Rights Management (eDRM). Traditionally, eDRM (aka IRM) has been considered difficult to use for end-users and difficult to administer for IT. But in today’s world, enterprise IT must ensure security of shared data without compromising on the user experience. The user should be able to access secured content on mobile devices with the same ease and flexibility they have with other apps.

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Topics: Mobile Content Management (MCM), Digital Rights Management (DRM), Online Document Viewer, Digital Watermarking, Mobile File Sharing, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), One Time Password (OTP), Shared-Link Access, vDRM Pro

Securing Office 365 Email Attachments with Vaultize Plugin

Posted by Praneeth Ponaka on March 10 2016

Over last couple of years organizations have increasingly adopting Office 365. Enterprise IT is looking for ways to secure environment such that corporate data still stays in its control (in line with data governance and compliance objectives of the business) even after the rollout of Office 365.

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Topics: Digital Rights Management (DRM), Compliance, file security, Vault KNOX, Secure FIle Sharing, Online Document Viewer, Digital Watermarking, Access Control, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Enterprise Rights Management, data governance, Geo/IP Fencing, Data De-duplication, Office 365 Attachments

10 Necessary Data Governance Capabilities in Enterprise File Sharing

Posted by Anand Kekre on October 5 2015

With the increase in consumerization of information technology, enterprise mobility and demand from end-users for anywhere, anytime access to corporate data – enterprise IT is facing challenges in balancing the need of end-users and business requirements of security, data governance and compliance.

With the explosive growth of freely available consumer file sharing services enterprise IT is finding out the hard way that their employees have been sharing valuable data with external parties with little or no security measures in place. 

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Topics: Mobile Content Management (MCM), Compliance, BYOD, enterprise file sharing, Enterprise File Sync & Share, enterprise digital rights management, Data Loss Prevention, Data Privacy Option (DPO), Online Document Viewer, Digital Watermarking, eDiscovery, encryption, Enterprise Rights Management, data retention, meta-data retention, data governance

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