Large Attachment Problem – Resorting to Consumer File Sharing Can Be eDiscovery and Compliance Risk

Posted by Gary Cooke on October 8 2015

Data size is growing day by day. Large attachments have been a problem for corporate users and enterprise IT both. IT restricts the size of attachments to control the growth of (costly) storage and to keep the Exchange/Domino servers efficient. Bloated mailboxes affect the efficiency of mail clients like Outlook and Lotus Notes.

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You've Got Mail from Dropbox - Shadow-IT is Official Now

Posted by Anand Kekre on September 22 2015

Ignorance is Bliss! So far you may have turned a blind eye to the fact that your employees are using Dropbox to store and share corporate documents.

Now - You’ve got email from Dropbox suggesting you to become a paying customer by subscribing to their Business version as a number of your employees are using Free Consumer version with their official email ids.

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