Top Data leaks Caused by Poor DRM, File Tracking and Encryption systems

Posted by Camden Swita on October 25 2016

It's amazing how many major data breaches and leaks result from the basic mishandling of sensitive data and a lack of DRM polciies governing access to that data.

If you’re not familiar with the website Information Is Beautiful, spend some time falling down that rabbit hole. It’s a massive collection of interactive infographics showing trends covering everything from the peak age of geniuses to topics hyped by the media over the years and yes, you guessed it, recent data security incidents and their causes.

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Straw to Brick to Stone: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Network Defense Race

Posted by Mark Chow on October 13 2016

When many people think about data security, they think about network and server security – firewalls, anti-virus, etc. In other words, they think about protection against external threats. Given the press attention paid to breaches caused by “hackers,” this is unsurprising. But external threats only make up less than half of what puts sensitive data, documents and files at risk. At its root, data security is a human error problem, and more often than not breaches and leaks stem from problems within a company’s own ranks.

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Tackling Finance Compliance and Avoiding Expensive Leaks with Digital Rights Management

Posted by Sanjay Chopra on October 4 2016

All modern financial institutions are heavily dependent on IT and web-based solutions for day to day operations. But these technologies, such as cloud storage, email attachments and so on, are inherently risky. The number of files leaked through these tools in the finance industry grows year over year and in 2016 will be in the millions. These leaks are expensive: the average cost to a firm per incident will be over $15 million.

The increasing likelihood of successful cyber-attacks and data leaks is, in part, why data security and document tracking are now compulsory parts of financial and insurance industry regulations. Compliance programs are no longer just a checklist for the IT team to cross items off of. The implications of a data breach or leak are now much more significant than they were before. Non-compliance may result in financial institutions facing costly litigation and devastating loss of reputation.

Vaultize’s enterprise file security and digital rights management (DRM) solution helps financial, banking and insurance enterprises meet compliance by mitigating security and data loss risks. Vaultize can help security-minded finance sector enterprises address the main pain points in meeting today’s compliance requirements, such as:

  • Controlling and ensuring trusted access
  • Operational monitoring
  • Records management and versioning
  • Audit and risk management
  • Operational controls to ensure confidentiality
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4 Things You Can Do to Prevent Data Leakage through Emails

Posted by Anand Kekre on September 29 2016

The number of data leaks and associated financial losses continue to grow significantly year over year. Companies around the world from many industries have seen their sensitive data lost, stolen or leaked to the outside world at an alarming rate—and the problem is only getting worse.

Many of the high-profile leaks and hacks have resulted in millions of dollars in damage to the compromised company, while others have resulted in catastrophic loss of reputation and brand image.

Some of the incidents can be attributed to external threats (hackers) but many if not most of them are caused by mistakes, carelessness and even theft by employees or partners. Among incidents caused by employees or trusted third parties, the vast majority could have been prevented if proactive precautions were taken by the compromised company.

But how can you ensure that employees are handling documents and data appropriately and that nothing goes astray when you’re dealing with email attachments?

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Introducing Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Vaultize Enterprise File Sharing Platform

Posted by Anand Kekre on June 2 2016

Announcing Vaultize Rights Management - Digital / Information Rights Management (DRM / IRM) fully integrated into the Vaultize platform for file sharing and sync, anywhere access to corporate data repositories and managed mobility. Now Vaultize's ground-breaking information security goes along with your data (or information) wherever it goes - even on devices that are not under your control.
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