Why Vaultize?

Posted by Nick Kumes on November 9 2016

There are many document storage and file sharing vendors that claim to be “turn-key” but none of them combine security and customization as well as Vaultize. Vaultize enables enterprise customers to manage and protect their sensitive data down at a very granular level. Whether it’s end-to-end security features, advanced user access controls or administrative functionality, it’s the finer details that make Vaultize a holistic console.

Secure your data

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Everything that can go wrong when sending and sharing documents

Posted by Nick Kumes on October 27 2016

In a hypercompetitive economy where enterprises are doing everything they can to turn a profit and increase market share, the last thing a business owner or executive wants to see is innovation and growth sabotaged by cyber criminals, hackers, or irresponsible employees.

Unfortunately, the biggest source of risk for data breaches and leaks comes with one of the essential pillars of business today: email. It’s the preferred method of communication for virtually every company out there, and it is vital that organizations take additional precautions to protect their most sensitive information when using it. In this post I’ll go over a few vulnerabilities related to the uncontrolled sharing of documents and data via email that Vaultize helps companies address every day.

Secure your data

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Introducing FTP Interface to Enterprise File Sync and Share

Posted by Praneeth Ponaka on September 16 2015

Vaultize has been helping businesses – including large enterprises in highly regulated and security conscious verticals – to replace their FTP servers. As an FTP alternative, Vaultize allows end-users to seamlessly share files within and outside the organization using secure links and at the same time, allows IT administrator to define sharing policies to control, manage and monitor the movement of files. IT can also define access control policies, allowing them to control how, when and from where the shared contents can be accessed by the recipients. One of the leading multi-national insurance companies, TATA AIA, has been using these Vautlize capabilities for over 2 years to comply with regulations and mitigate data loss risks.


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