Keys to defending against Ransomware in the Legal, Healthcare and Financial Services industries

Posted by Camden Swita on June 29 2017

NotPetya proves that businesses around the world are not prepared for ransomware.

Ransomware attacks are nothing new, but as recent events have shown, their effectiveness and level of impact have grown. The fact that so many businesses in Russia, Ukraine and the US suffered disruption in operations, loss of business and reputation after the second attack in as many months shows that enterprises continue to lack proper precautions and practices for defending against and successfully responding to ransomware attacks.

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Straw to Brick to Stone: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Network Defense Race

Posted by Mark Chow on October 13 2016

When many people think about data security, they think about network and server security – firewalls, anti-virus, etc. In other words, they think about protection against external threats. Given the press attention paid to breaches caused by “hackers,” this is unsurprising. But external threats only make up less than half of what puts sensitive data, documents and files at risk. At its root, data security is a human error problem, and more often than not breaches and leaks stem from problems within a company’s own ranks.

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