How Vaultize Plug-in for IBM Lotus Notes Works

Posted by Prashant Bhole on November 17 2015

Many enterprises rely on IBM Notes platform for their workflow applications. IBM Lotus Notes Mail application is one of them, used for sharing data in the form of emails and attachments. But, Notes administrators face problems related to attachments, mainly because of the exponentially increasing scale of data and lack of control over it. Problems can be further categorized as:

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How to Solve Shadow-IT for File Sharing Without Compromising Compliance and Governance Objectives

Posted by Anand Kekre on November 3 2015

Shadow IT is becoming a serious risk for businesses and a pervasive problem for IT leaders resulting in not only huge cost endurances for the company but also in serious threats of security, data leakage and (most importantly) compliance risks. The shadow IT in enterprises has significantly increased over last few years because of proliferation of freely available cloud services (like Dropbox) and mobile applications.

If you ever discover Shadow-IT in your organization, the best way to handle it is not by giving a knee-jerk reaction and banning it outright, but understanding the end-user needs and provide them an alternative.

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Lotus Notes now integrated with Digital Rights Management for Compliance and Data Governance

Posted by Anand Kekre on October 16 2015

In line with our vision of delivering end-to-end file security, we are today announcing the addition of Vaultize Lotus Notes Plug-in to our enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) platform. This enables large size file sharing capability through Lotus Notes with complete security, IT control and visibility to meet compliance and data governance requirements.

The Vaultize Plug-in for IBM Lotus Notes replaces email attachments with secure links – enabling better IT control while reducing email storage (both in the mailbox and on email server) and network bandwidth.

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