Posted by Camden Swita on January 27 2017

New Tools Enhance the Vaultize Platform and Further End-to-End Security Promise, Facilitate Simplified e-Discovery, Efficient Workflow Security, Better Email Practices

01/27/2017 – SAN FRANCISCO Vaultize Technologies announced today the release of three new tools to enhance its data lifecycle security platform. Enhanced Auditing, SecureSend and GetLink are designed to help enterprises more easily meet data-compliance and data-governance requirements.

Regulations of how data is handled in most industries including healthcare, insurance, finance and legal will grow more stringent in 2017. Vaultize’s new features are intended to keep the company and its customers ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking, auditing and versioning data and maintaining records showing that they took every possible step to ensure safe and direct delivery of sensitive files and documents online.

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Introducing Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Vaultize Enterprise File Sharing Platform

Posted by Anand Kekre on June 2 2016

Announcing Vaultize Rights Management - Digital / Information Rights Management (DRM / IRM) fully integrated into the Vaultize platform for file sharing and sync, anywhere access to corporate data repositories and managed mobility. Now Vaultize's ground-breaking information security goes along with your data (or information) wherever it goes - even on devices that are not under your control.
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Creating A Secure Workplace Without Sacrificing Enterprise Mobility

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on April 2 2015

The future of enterprise file sharing and BYOD are inextricable. To keep enterprise files safe without stifling enterprise mobility, IT departments need to secure enterprise files on the mobile devices where they’re stored, and also secure corporate servers from any unwanted files those personal devices harbor.
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3 Ways To Ensure 100 Percent Secure Enterprise File Sharing

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 24 2015

To protect your company data and enhance the strength of your information security strategy, you must acknowledge that secure enterprise file sharing is all about access. If you’re able to control who has access to what, wherever they’re located and no matter which device they’re using, you’ll safeguard your company’s data — and your job.
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Does Your Mobile Content Management (MCM) And BYOD Strategy Need An Overhaul?

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 19 2015

As BYOD continues to expand into workplaces around the world, there is inevitably going to be situations where enterprise data is stored on an employee’s personal device. From a file security standpoint, trying to protect the device is futile. The key to improving security is to protect the data on the device. Read more to learn how.
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Gartner Survey Says Cloud is Not a Top Consideration for Many Enterprise CIOs

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 18 2015

According to Gartner’s recent survey Cloud Is a Viable Option, But Not a Top Consideration for many CIOs. The survey results show that only a small minority of enterprise CIOs prefers public cloud. One of the main obstacles for the large enterprise is the investment into the existing infrastructure.
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9 Reasons Why Enterprises Choose Vaultize for Endpoint Data Protection

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 16 2015

Vaultize is the only enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) and mobile collaboration vendor in the world that provides a full-featured endpoint data protection through policy-based endpoint backup, endpoint encryption and remote wiping.
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Integrating Vaultize Enterprise DRM with Third-party DLP Solutions

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 12 2015

Vaultize DRM integrates with content-aware DLP from popular security vendors like Symantec, McAfee and WebSense using the ICAP protocol. This means you can define DLP policies at a single place and those policies are automatically applied to files that are shared through Vaultize.
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Demystifying BYOD And Transforming It Into A Secure Productivity Solution

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 11 2015

BYOD is widely recognized for enabling better productivity. But there’s a lot more to BYOD than meets the eye. Vaultize recently spoke with Software Advice managing editor Craig Borowski on the state of BYOD, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to effectively use BYOD in the workplace.
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How To Stop Data Leakage With Secure Enterprise File Sharing

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 4 2015

Securing your enterprise files against malicious attacks is important, but it’s not the only element to consider. A data breach caused by simple user error could not only threaten your enterprise, it could create ethical and regulatory issues as well. Learn how to mitigate the threat of data leakage with secure enterprise file sharing.
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