How Vaultize Stacks Up Against Seclore in 9 Ways

Posted by Anand Kekre on June 11 2015

With the rise in regulation, privacy and confidentiality requirements, file security has become a major business requirement. Enterprise digital rights management (eDRM aka Enterprise Information Rights Management or IRM) forms a critical part of file security. Although enterprise rights management has been of immense value to CIO/CISO since last many years, the technology never really saw widespread corporate adoption and many enterprises have failed to implement it enterprise-wide because of the lack of end-user acceptance.

Enterprsie DRM implementation means a big investment for companies, not only financially, but also in terms of time, resources, disruption and the risk of failure. Hence it is not a type of investment that one can simply scrap if it doesn’t work out. As per the leading analyst Gartner, many organizations continue to misunderstand the enterprise rights management capabilities. With that in mind, here we compare Vaultize with Seclore on the basis of 9 key points to help organizations make the right decision. The first 6 points evaluate both the competitors on enterprise IT perspective and rest cover the end-user perspective – both being important in today’s world of consumerization and mobility.

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