Vaultize Helps Its Fortune Customer Recover from a Ransomware Attack

Posted by Paresh Pandey on June 1 2016

Every few days, we see a new headline about organizations becoming target of ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware, which forces organizations to pay ransom by limiting or preventing their employees from accessing the digital assets (like files and databases) in their possession. A ransomware typically encrypts files on endpoints and file repositories, thus preventing access to the files and then, in order to decrypt the files, demands payment. The ransom prices vary, ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per file – which can run into millions of dollars for a large organization. It is important to note, however, that paying the ransom does not guarantee that users can eventually access the infected system or files.

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How to Solve Shadow-IT for File Sharing Without Compromising Compliance and Governance Objectives

Posted by Anand Kekre on November 3 2015

Shadow IT is becoming a serious risk for businesses and a pervasive problem for IT leaders resulting in not only huge cost endurances for the company but also in serious threats of security, data leakage and (most importantly) compliance risks. The shadow IT in enterprises has significantly increased over last few years because of proliferation of freely available cloud services (like Dropbox) and mobile applications.

If you ever discover Shadow-IT in your organization, the best way to handle it is not by giving a knee-jerk reaction and banning it outright, but understanding the end-user needs and provide them an alternative.

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Vaultize Showcasing its Enterprise Digital Rights Management with Secure File Sharing at Citrix User Group Conference in Sweden

Posted by Sameer Vitkar on October 29 2015

Vaultize and its Scandinavian distributor ARJ Distribution will be exhibiting enterprise digital rights management (eDRM aka information rights management) with enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) at the Citrix User Group Sweden's conference at Aronsborg's conference hotels in Balsta on Tuesday, November 17th & Wednesday, November 18th.

Vaultize’s Chief Solutions Architect Gary Cooke will also be addressing the audience on the topic of “Information-centric security in perimeter-less world” on November 18 at 10:20am.

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Topics: Digital Rights Management (DRM), Compliance, Virtual Data Rooms (VDR), Enterprise Mobility Management, Enterprise File Sync & Share, FTP Replacement, Secure FIle Sharing, enterprise digital rights management, VPN-free access, information-centric approach, enterprise IT

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