Learn How To Keep Your Data Secure

A Report On Digital Rights Management (DRM) & Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

DRM-ERM-And-YouIn the next 60 seconds, 1.7 quadrillion bytes of data will be created. Over the course of a day, that’s 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.

Your organization creates its fair share of this data, and your end users, customers and clients are going to see a lot of it — primarily from a mobile device.

What are you doing to ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

With so much data at stake, digital rights management (DRM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) are more critical than ever.

Vaultize’s report, DRM, EMM & You: Controlling Data Beyond The Corporate Network, details the latest developments in these technologies and highlights what to look for in the tools you use to protect your enterprise data.

This free resource shows you:

  • The essentials of enterprise DRM and how to integrate it into your organization
  • EMM fundamentals and how to apply them to the corporate network
  • Security benefits of enterprise DRM and EMM
  • All the tools necessary for secure enterprise file sharing on mobile devices within and outside the corporate network

If you’re thinking about enhancing your enterprise file security tools or want to learn more about DRM and EMM, this report is for you. Please fill out the form to access your copy.

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