How Vaultize Stacks Up Against Druva

Vaultize’s single, comprehensive platform covers a wide variety of data security concerns that Druva
doesn’t. Vaultize was built from the ground up to fascilitate safe data practices regardless of file type or
existing office workflows. This has made it a far more versatile and powerful solution than Druva. In fact,
Druva offers a relatively slim solution set at a much higher price point than Vaultize. When it comes to comparing Vaultize to Druva, there is one clear winner.




DRM/EFSS capabilities

Vaultize follows a holistic platform approach of end-to-end file security. The platform provides built-in digital rights manage-ment (DRM), endpoint data protection and mobility manage-ment with end-user capabilities such as enterprise file sync & share, VPN-free anywhere access and mobile collaboration. Includes support for text and CSV files, among other formats. Durva does not offer comprehensive DRM and EFFS solutions.

Deployment options

Vaultize licensing is simple and is based on total number of users. There is no extra cost based on number of reposito-ries or servers. Vaultize can also be deployed on a single server or as a multi-server scalable cloud. Our CentOS/Li-nux-friendly system is enterprise-class secure, reliable and hardened. Druva does not offer flexible deployment options and requires enterprises to adapt to their way of doing things. Druva only offers a cloud deployment option.

Security & Sharing

Vaultize provides policy-based enforcement of controls for DRM, file sharing, anywhere access, endpoint data protection and mobility management.
Through Sharing policies, enterprise IT can control how data can be shared inside and outside the organization. It can enforce password, time-expiry, number of downloads and access locations (IP, geography or domain). IT can also prevent downloads and restrict the access to shared files through Vaultize’s online document viewer (with digital watermarking with logo/text/email/IP/etc). All activities with shared links (whether DRM or non-DRM) are tracked.
Vaultize creates security fences around data based on geo-locations and IP ranges (e.g. branch offices or remote sites). This strengthens access security.
Vaultize also features:

• Encryption at-source to ensure end-to-end security. We don’t rely on SSL only.
• VPN-free user and admin exeprience
• Adaptive algorithms to provide security without hampering productivity

Druva offers deduplication features and some basic data security options, but overall its solution set is simplistic and insufficient for today’s challenges.
Druva does not offer:

• Encryption at source
• Remote backup without VPN
• Adaptive algorithms

Backup and restore

(ransomware defense)

Vaultize provides complete endpoint backup, endpoint encryption and remote wiping. IT can perform
policy-based backup of files and folders from laptops and desktops. Self-service restore allows end-users to retrieve or restore versions from the past. It also supports backup of open and large files (like Outlook PST).
Vaultize features:

• Efficient PST backup - Does not require full PST to be scanned for backup. Backup does not affect Outlook performance
• Group-based backup policies: Allows different groups to have different policies based on criticality and importance
• Restore a point-in-time copy and via web app
• Restore from one device to another
• No file sieze limit

Druva offers only a small handful of backup and restore features, like group-based data restore policies. They do not offer any of the other options provided by Vaultize.

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