Arvind LimitedClient: Arvind Limited (ARVIND)

Challenge: Apart from being the world’s fourth-largest producer and exporter of denim, ARVIND has business divisions in the e-commerce, fashion, textiles, telecom and agribusiness industries, each of which embrace bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Business diversity and operating in a global marketplace requires a safe, secure way to share enterprise critical files, as any data loss can significantly impact productivity and business continuity.

“We use Vaultize for collaboration within and outside the company, giving our people the ability to access and share files irrespective of where they are or which device they are using. The integrated MCM with file sharing gives us peace of mind when it comes to security and data loss risks associated with workforce mobility. Also, the data protection capabilities of Vaultize help us mitigate data loss risks."
- Pragnesh Shah, CIO, Arvind Limited

Solution: Vaultize enabled ARVIND employees to securely and seamlessly share content within and outside the company without the need for FTP servers, email attachments or network share files. ARVIND’s IT team used Vaultize to set up data protection policies (endpoint backup, selective file/folder encryption) for laptop users, ensuring that the data is protected from any data loss event. BYOD users leverage the Vaultize app on iOS/Android devices for anywhere access and sharing of files.

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