Importance of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in the Era of Enterprise Mobility – Thinking Beyond EMM

Posted by Anand Kekre on April 23 2015

Earlier, company-owned devices represented the majority of endpoints but over last few years the enterprise mobility trend has picked up. In the coming years, it is expected that there will be far more mobile devices (including bring-your-own-device (BYOD)) than laptops/desktops accessing and sharing the corporate data as a normal workflow (and even beyond corporate firewalls).

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Enterprise Mobility 101: Keys To Secure Sharing And Collaboration

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on April 21 2015

How can IT departments provide the flexibility and anywhere file access end users demand, while still maintaining robust and secure enterprise file sharing?

Consider this: When a file itself is secure, it’s safe wherever it’s located.

File sharing policies should apply to data irrespective of where it’s being accessed. Whether it’s accessed from a company laptop or an end user’s personal smartphone, if the data is protected (as opposed to the device) then it’s going to remain secure.

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Securing Email Attachments with Digital Rights Management

Posted by Anand Kekre on April 16 2015

Email is the most popular commutation channel for doing business. As part of business, people exchange emails with outside parties and very often share information that may be of proprietary (e.g. intellectual property) or sensitive (e.g. personal, financial, healthcare) in nature.

It is very important that such information does not go beyond the intended recipients, which could result in loss of competitive advantage, loss of reputation or severe penalties for non-compliance of regulations.  Hence IT managers should have the capability to implement security policies uniformly across all end-users on all the documents that are shared through email.

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Waging A Multi-Front Assault On Data Loss: Tips For Total Enterprise File Security

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on April 14 2015

When it comes to enterprise file security and mobile devices, the key word to consider is “loss.”

It’s easy to have inadvertent data loss in mobile devices through sharing (with people and/or apps). Consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive, for instance, leads to a lot of lost data via sharing files. 

By their very nature, mobile devices are physically easier to lose than larger, less portable devices. Every year, 70 million smartphones are lost (and only 7 percent recovered), according to a Kensington infographic.

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Keeping Data Safe In The Enterprise Mobility Era

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on April 7 2015

Enterprise mobility isn’t a question of if, but a matter of how soon and to what extent. IT chiefs must be proactive to ensure data remains safe outside the office network, while also not hindering user productivity. Learn how to keep data secure in today’s climate of remote offices and mobile devices.

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Creating A Secure Workplace Without Sacrificing Enterprise Mobility

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on April 2 2015

The future of enterprise file sharing and BYOD are inextricable. To keep enterprise files safe without stifling enterprise mobility, IT departments need to secure enterprise files on the mobile devices where they’re stored, and also secure corporate servers from any unwanted files those personal devices harbor.

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This International Backup Day, Get A Gift of Free 25-user Virtual Appliance from Vaultize

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on April 1 2015

This international backup day, as a gift, download a FREE copy of Vaultize virtual appliance that secures not only your organization data on endpoints (laptops, desktops, smartphone and tablets) through endpoint backup, endpoint encryption and remote wiping, but also facilitates secure enterprise file sharing, mobile collaboration and VPN-free anywhere access.

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3 Ways To Ensure 100 Percent Secure Enterprise File Sharing

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 24 2015

To protect your company data and enhance the strength of your information security strategy, you must acknowledge that secure enterprise file sharing is all about access. If you’re able to control who has access to what, wherever they’re located and no matter which device they’re using, you’ll safeguard your company’s data — and your job.

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Does Your Mobile Content Management (MCM) And BYOD Strategy Need An Overhaul?

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 19 2015

As BYOD continues to expand into workplaces around the world, there is inevitably going to be situations where enterprise data is stored on an employee’s personal device. From a file security standpoint, trying to protect the device is futile. The key to improving security is to protect the data on the device. Read more to learn how.

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Gartner Survey Says Cloud is Not a Top Consideration for Many Enterprise CIOs

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on March 18 2015

According to Gartner’s recent survey Cloud Is a Viable Option, But Not a Top Consideration for many CIOs. The survey results show that only a small minority of enterprise CIOs prefers public cloud. One of the main obstacles for the large enterprise is the investment into the existing infrastructure.

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