Data breaches are a lot like climate change

Posted by Camden Swita on April 18 2017

Data breaches and climate change are a lot alike. Preventing either requires enough people to care about mistakes made one, two, or ten years ago and to change their daily habits to help prevent a growing, if hard to define, problem.

“Information security is a race between peak indifference to surveillance and the point of no return for data-collection and retention,” Cory Doctorow wrote in a recent article on BoingBoing. “The unprecedented leaks in 2016 were not (merely) the result of data gathered last year; much of that data was gathered in the decades [before] this one, inadequately secured and treated as so inconsequential that Yahoo allowed the NSA to backdoor a billions-strong silo filled with data its customers had not even realized they were filling.”

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Can I buy your corporate login info?

Posted by Camden Swita on April 4 2017

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How does $250 sound?

Recent research shows that’s all it would take for about 7 percent of European employees to cough up access to their corporate networks. 14 percent would sell their login info, although their price points would be a bit higher. The same study, which surveyed 4,000 employees in Europe, found that 29 percent have purposefully sent sensitive information outside their company and 15 percent have taken “business critical” information from one job to another with the purpose of reusing it.

These are facts that every business and IT leader needs to understand and consider how to address.

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Data security regulations + a spending disconnect

Posted by Camden Swita on March 23 2017

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Widespread Adoption of New Financial Data Regulations

If you don’t do business in New York or work in the financial services industry, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) rules that went into place March 1 won’t directly impact your day to day…yet.

I say yet because other states are looking at the rules as possible blueprints for their own regulations. Significant takeaways from the regulations include:

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Posted by Camden Swita on January 27 2017

New Tools Enhance the Vaultize Platform and Further End-to-End Security Promise, Facilitate Simplified e-Discovery, Efficient Workflow Security, Better Email Practices

01/27/2017 – SAN FRANCISCO Vaultize Technologies announced today the release of three new tools to enhance its data lifecycle security platform. Enhanced Auditing, SecureSend and GetLink are designed to help enterprises more easily meet data-compliance and data-governance requirements.

Regulations of how data is handled in most industries including healthcare, insurance, finance and legal will grow more stringent in 2017. Vaultize’s new features are intended to keep the company and its customers ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking, auditing and versioning data and maintaining records showing that they took every possible step to ensure safe and direct delivery of sensitive files and documents online.

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Wipro, CDW and Others ENTER partnerships with Vaultize to expand file security and data lifecycle protection capabilities

Posted by Camden Swita on January 20 2017

Simplified One-Platform Approach to File Security and Tracking a Must-Have for Large Resellers and Their Customers

Wipro, CDW and other global IT, industry and finance leaders including Savangard and Wavestone announced today their formal partnerships with Vaultize Technologies to extend and improve their file security and data lifecycle protection capabilities.

Vaultize enables partners and their clients to protect assets and streamline workflows that involve sensitive information. Vaultize provides file security, auditing, and tracking tools via one platform, which also features DRM controls, secure collaboration spaces and plugins for major email clients. Partners currently using and reselling the Vaultize platform besides CDW, Wipro and Savangard include Get the Net, SML Capital Advisers, Harmonie, Cube ITG, Liquid PC, Sm4rt, Investor IQ, Wavestone and Totally Networked.

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Nine reasons vaultize is the right data security and drm platform for you

Posted by Camden Swita on November 18 2016

Information is proliferating at mindboggling rates in modern enterprises. A decade back, what was limited to file servers, NAS, enterprise content management (ECM) repositories and desktops is moving out of corporate network to laptops, smartphones and tablets. Hence, traditional endpoint backup solutions that were designed for on-premise laptop and desktop backup are inadequate for the needs of today's mobile. BYOD (bring your own device) enterprise. It's important to equip your team with the proper tools and find the right partner in order to stay secure in such an environment.

Vaultize is designed as a scalable cloud-architected enterprise platform for secure file sharing, anywhere access and mobile collaboration with built-in continuous data protection, digital rights management (DRM) and mobile content management (MCM). It’s built from the ground up with enterprise control and unmatched end-to-end security to protect your data without hampering the end-user productivity even when the users are roaming beyond the corporate perimeter.

Vaultize is the only enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) and mobile collaboration vendor in the world that provides full-featured endpoint data protection through policy-based endpoint backup, endpoint encryption and remote wiping.

There are many reasons why our partners chose us and have stuck with Vaultize to solve their data security needs. Foremost among them is that fact that Vaultize leapfrogs other enterprise endpoint backup solutions in terms of quality and well-roundedness. It’s the obvious choice of enterprise IT for endpoint data protection.

Secure your data

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The Risks of Unsecure Email Attachments

Posted by Gary Cooke on November 15 2016

Having spent most of my business career managing and designing corporate messaging systems and/or consulting with companies on messaging and archiving best practices, there is one common thread that’s persisted throughout that entire experience: people sharing data with others through unsecured attachments.

This practice has been happening since the first email systems were created for business and personal use, and those of us on the administrative side of messaging have tried different methods to secure data being shared internally or externally.  If you worked in a large corporation you had a network team that had the single function of protecting the company’s network infrastructure from the evildoers outside of the network. The messaging team was responsible for ensuring that all the emails were delivered to their intended recipients and that no harmful messages (virus, malware, scams or even pornography, in the old days) entered the sanctity of the corporate environment. If you worked in a small to medium company those two teams might be a single person. Yet the job description was the same: protect the company’s data.

In these endeavors, the major concern was then as it is now: Do we know what our employees are sharing and, more importantly, with whom they’re sharing?

Secure your data

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Why Vaultize?

Posted by Nick Kumes on November 9 2016

There are many document storage and file sharing vendors that claim to be “turn-key” but none of them combine security and customization as well as Vaultize. Vaultize enables enterprise customers to manage and protect their sensitive data down at a very granular level. Whether it’s end-to-end security features, advanced user access controls or administrative functionality, it’s the finer details that make Vaultize a holistic console.

Secure your data

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Vaultize Roadmap Update: What We Have Planned

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on November 3 2016

Vaultize has always been at the forefront of innovation in enterprise file security and secure sharing. We hold our promise of securing data end-to-end – cradle to grave and source to destination – very close to our hearts. This vision is what drives our roadmap and pushes us to continuously update and improve our solutions.

We have been working on some exciting things and wanted to give a preview of some upcoming features. These will be generally available to our customers within the next quarter.

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NYC business leaders gather to discuss data security and internal threats

Posted by Camden Swita on November 1 2016

Over 75 New York business leaders convened at Vaultize’s Cocktails and Conversation event on October 26 to discuss encroaching threats to the security of their companies’ most sensitive data and what can be done about them.

In attendance were directors and executives from Citigroup Private Bank, Stonebridge Capital Markets, Capital One Bank, Société Générale, Goldman Sachs and Berdon LLP. A variety of security issues facing today’s business leaders were brought up in conversations and during a short presentation by Jim Mongillo, Vaultize CEO, including how to deal with threats from internal sources, proper methods for encrypting documents and how to implement an effective DRM strategy.

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