Email and document security (or lack thereof) in the legal industry

Posted by Gary Cooke on October 20 2016


Everyone in the legal industry is or should be concerned about the security and digital rights management of their sensitive documents and control over their email attachments. In today’s highly networked, mobile world, any information sent electronically is subject to theft or leakage. And it doesn’t matter if you’re at a small firm or company or a large one. A breach or leak can and will come your way, and the only question is how prepared are you to identify the source and shut down access to the compromised material immediately.

Secure your documents

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G7 to Finance Sector: Play by These New Rules

Posted by Camden Swita on October 18 2016

The Group of Seven, a bloc of some of the largest industrial powers in the world, paid special attention to financial sector data security threats during its annual meeting earlier this month.

Citing a growing concern over massively expensive and embarrassing breaches and leaks in the industry, the Group of Seven, or G7, released a set of cybersecurity guidelines it insists governments and financial institutions follow to reduce risk.

The damages done to both financial institutions’ and governments’ reputations—not to mention the financial repercussions—by more recent incidents underscores the group’s decision to formalize a common strategy among the world’s economic powers.

Get ahead of the curve

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Straw to Brick to Stone: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Network Defense Race

Posted by Mark Chow on October 13 2016

When many people think about data security, they think about network and server security – firewalls, anti-virus, etc. In other words, they think about protection against external threats. Given the press attention paid to breaches caused by “hackers,” this is unsurprising. But external threats only make up less than half of what puts sensitive data, documents and files at risk. At its root, data security is a human error problem, and more often than not breaches and leaks stem from problems within a company’s own ranks.

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Assess Your Risk During National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Posted by Camden Swita on October 11 2016

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It’s also the time of year when your organization finalizes its roadmap for next year, so there’s no better time to conduct a data breach preparedness assessment.

Even if you already have a data security strategy in place, it’s critical to take stock often of what’s working and what isn’t and arrange changes to further mitigate your risk of a costly and embarrassing breach or leak. What might have been sufficient to keep your data, documents and files confidential and under your thumb a year or even six months ago may not be enough now. New threats and advancements in threats to your data security crop up all the time and your strategy needs to adapt accordingly.

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Don't Sit On Your Security Problem - Do Something About It

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on October 6 2016

I meet a lot of managers and executives at organizations around the world who aren’t sure if their organization’s data is really secure or not. Many of them know their employees are using consumer-grade file sharing platforms every single day and sending unencrypted email attachments, but they often assume that the developers of the consumer-grade products – Dropbox, Google, etc. – are somehow protecting their data from breaches and leaks. They’re in essence setting their organization up for a big, expensive mess.

It’s easy to believe that as we work in today’s always on, always connected world, we are for the most part safe from cybersecurity threats that we read about in the news. But the truth is that we and the companies that we work at are not. Data leaks, breaches and thefts are, frankly, inevitable if proper precautions are not taken. And they often come as results not of malicious hackers bypassing network security but of mistakes made by employees in dispersing or sharing sensitive information or of intentional leakage and theft by disgruntled workers.

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Tackling Finance Compliance and Avoiding Expensive Leaks with Digital Rights Management

Posted by Sanjay Chopra on October 4 2016

All modern financial institutions are heavily dependent on IT and web-based solutions for day to day operations. But these technologies, such as cloud storage, email attachments and so on, are inherently risky. The number of files leaked through these tools in the finance industry grows year over year and in 2016 will be in the millions. These leaks are expensive: the average cost to a firm per incident will be over $15 million.

The increasing likelihood of successful cyber-attacks and data leaks is, in part, why data security and document tracking are now compulsory parts of financial and insurance industry regulations. Compliance programs are no longer just a checklist for the IT team to cross items off of. The implications of a data breach or leak are now much more significant than they were before. Non-compliance may result in financial institutions facing costly litigation and devastating loss of reputation.

Vaultize’s enterprise file security and digital rights management (DRM) solution helps financial, banking and insurance enterprises meet compliance by mitigating security and data loss risks. Vaultize can help security-minded finance sector enterprises address the main pain points in meeting today’s compliance requirements, such as:

  • Controlling and ensuring trusted access
  • Operational monitoring
  • Records management and versioning
  • Audit and risk management
  • Operational controls to ensure confidentiality
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4 Things You Can Do to Prevent Data Leakage through Emails

Posted by Anand Kekre on September 29 2016

The number of data leaks and associated financial losses continue to grow significantly year over year. Companies around the world from many industries have seen their sensitive data lost, stolen or leaked to the outside world at an alarming rate—and the problem is only getting worse.

Many of the high-profile leaks and hacks have resulted in millions of dollars in damage to the compromised company, while others have resulted in catastrophic loss of reputation and brand image.

Some of the incidents can be attributed to external threats (hackers) but many if not most of them are caused by mistakes, carelessness and even theft by employees or partners. Among incidents caused by employees or trusted third parties, the vast majority could have been prevented if proactive precautions were taken by the compromised company.

But how can you ensure that employees are handling documents and data appropriately and that nothing goes astray when you’re dealing with email attachments?

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Vaultize to Showcase its EDRM at Gartner 2016

Posted by Sameer Vitkar on August 30 2016

We are exhibiting our enterprise digital rights management (eDRM aka information rights management) with enterprise file sharing  (EFSS) at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in Mumbai on September 1 and 2, 2016 as Silver Sponsor.

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Vaultize Webinar – Law Firm’s Guide to Avoiding the Inevitable - File Security in Legal Industry

Posted by Eric Brown on July 28 2016

It may surprise you that more than 80 of the top 100 law firms in the world have experienced a data breach in recent years. The consequences can be extremely costly - from litigation threats to fines, or even suspension of practice. As the inevitable rise of consumer cloud storage and BYOD continues and your firm’s data travels beyond your network’s security, the risk of data breach has never been greater. 

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Vaultize is the First Security Company to Fully Secure Text and CSV files with End-to-End Digital Rights Management

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on July 14 2016

New Suite Includes Built-In Multi Factor Authentication and Uniquely Protects Encryption Keys with Multi Factor Authentication

Vaultize, the security leader in enterprise digital rights management (eDRM), today announced the general availability of the latest version of the Vaultize Platform, a comprehensive data security solution  providing the most robust end-to-end data security available in the market. With this release Security conscious companies in the Fortune 500 need to ensure that their critical data is completely secure from end to end and can only be accessed with the appropriate rights. With this release Vaultize closes a key gap that exists in eDRM solutions today. Read More

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