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100 Percent Secure Freedom together with Compliance and Data Governance

IT departments and corporate technology leaders worldwide are constantly faced with the challenge of keeping enterprise files secure while giving users the access and freedom they demand. With Vaultize, data and security are on the same plane as freedom and control. 

Vaultize helps enterprize IT meet compliance and data governance requirements by ensuring that IT has complete control and visibility on the use of corporate files with audit trails - while they are being used by end-users across their devices (company-managed as well as BYOD) and even after they are shared with third-parties.

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Zero Data Leakage

Vaultize follows information-centric security approach in which information is protected within itself such that the security travels along with the information as it moves across endpoints, across networks and across users (including people outside the organization). This effectively means that a file always travels within a security envelope that can only be opened by authorized users, from an authorized device and from authorized locations based on access rights defined by the corporate IT and the owner of the file. This is information-centric (aka data-centric or content-centric) approach to digital rights management that emphasizes the security of the information itself rather than the security of networks, applications or devices.

While keeping up with the demanding pace of business, users need to be able to work from anywhere. Data security is of utmost importance and must be maintained consistently, regardless of which device is used. Vaultize’s end-to-end file security and containerization of data helps ensure zero data leakage through the life of files and documents being shared and accessed.

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Anytime, Any Device, Anywhere Access Freedom

Vaultize is a secure Dropbox alternative for enterprise file sharing, mobile collaboration and anywhere access with enterprise digital rights management (eDRM), mobile content management (MCM), data protection (endpoint backup) and data loss prevention (DLP).

Vaultize’s 3A Access provides your employees freedom to access, modify, share and collaborate on company files on their laptop and mobile devices from anywhere, all while IT maintains complete administrative control and visibility. You get the control and compliance you need while your users are able to work seamlessly around the globe.

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Vault KNOX

Backed by U.S. patented technology, Vaultize is the only platform on the market that provides unprecedented security down to the file level, instead of forcing you to rely on third-party security protocols. Protecting your data isn’t enough. You also need to ensure that your encryption is efficient and not burdening your network. With Vault KNOX, you enjoy the cost/speed benefit of up to 90 percent bandwidth gain.

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Unlock The Vaultize File Security Experience

  • Information-centric enterprise digital rights management (eDRM)
  • Complete traceabiity of corporate data for compliance and eDiscovery
  • Encryption and de-duplication together at the data source
  • VPN-free access to files by secure SSL and OAuth transmissions
  • Endpoint storage encryption, including on mobile devices
  • Secure mobile collaboration tools
  • Everything without compromising on end-user experience - providing file sync & share, mobile collaboration and integration with existing file sharing tools (like Outlook, Lotus Notes)
  • Content-aware de-duplication on all devices
  • Data encryption key management and ownership for IT teams
  • Integration with enterprise systems such as Active Directory/LDAP
  • Integration with existing content-aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
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Multi-Dimensional Access Rights

  • Policy-based access controls over copy/paste, printing, email and more
  • Secure, remote data wiping on any device
  • Comprehensive administrative controls via a central admin console
  • Access restriction using online document viewer and digital watermarking
  • Geo- and IP-fencing capabilities
  • Flexible deployment options including a cloud-in-a-box purpose-built appliance as well as public, private and on-premises servers
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