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Vaultize goes beyond infrastructure security to provide you total control and protection of your confidential data


Vaultize scored high over other solutions on account of its functionality, file security features and scalable cloud architecture. We are extremely satisfied using Vaultize as part of our compliance and mobility strategy.
Mr. Sebastian Joseph
Chief Technology Officer

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Delivering File Security, Speed And Flexibility

Our U.S. patented Vault KNOX technology uniquely combines encryption and de-duplication at the source, providing 100 percent security and enabling a 90 percent savings in bandwidth and storage. Vaultize secures your files with a user-friendly VPN-free system and consumer-like end-user experience.

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Absolute Security, Zero Data Leakage

Protect Enterprise Files At Anytime, On Any Device - Even Beyond Corporate Boundaries

Eliminate your fears of data falling into the wrong hands or otherwise slipping from your control. Vaultize’s patent-pending micro-containerization technology for digital rights management allows file security controls to travel with your files, allowing you to track and control usage. Access to files may be revoked remotely by IT and document owners even after download.

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