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Safe, Secure Data Exchange

As the sheer volume of highly sensitive data stored and exchanged every day continues to grow, so does the need for the virtual data room (VDR).

Vaultize’s virtual data rooms provide a secure and convenient way for controlling and tracking the storage, sharing and movement of sensitive documents.

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Secure Sensitive Industry Documents

Organizations that work with litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory hearings and similar legal and paralegal matters stand to benefit from having a secure, safe and auditable place to upload, store and view highly sensitive documents.

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Benefits Of Vaultize VDR

  • Tight enterprise file security
  • Detailed tracking of all operations and activity within the VDR
  • Audit logging
  • Regulatory and internal compliance
  • Reduced chance of data loss or data leakage
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Comprehensive Access Controls

  • Conversion of attachments to links (access restricted) so that the files are not transferred in their original form
  • File sharing control via password protection and expiry
  • Web-based VDR access for all relevant parties
  • VDR access control via geo-fencing and IP-fencing
  • Comprehensive audit trail includes when and how a recipient accessed a file and from which IP address
  • End-to-end control over the use of documents through embedded digital rights management
  • Ability to remotely wipe the data container and revoke access rights
  • Manageable permissions to control view, download and upload at the level of individual users or groups
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Additional VDR Features

  • Easy-to-create data rooms that are simple to use and manage
  • Automatic file synchronization
  • Connectivity with plug-ins, desktop agents and mobile apps to improve efficiency
  • Agents for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu for desktop sync, allowing individuals to keep the documents in the VDR in sync with local folders
  • AES 256-bit encryption of files on endpoints before transmitting over the wire to the cloud (decryption happens only on the recipients’ endpoints, ensuring end-to-end protection)
  • Mobile content management capabilities to control copy/pasting, printing, moving files, etc.
  • Auto-generated reports to maintain a complete record of activity
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