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Secure Your Data, And Your Job

Digital Rights Management (DRM), sometimes referred to as information rights management (IRM), is critical for securing enterprise files during & after sharing and even while they are just sitting on storage. Eliminate your fears of data falling into the wrong hands or otherwise slipping from your control.

Vaultize’s micro-containerization technology for DRM allows security controls to travel with your files, allowing you to track and control usage. Access rights to files may be updated or be revoked anytime even after download.

Whether employees are accessing files on their laptops or mobile devices, Vaultize provides continuous data protection and integration with data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, protecting the data integrity and security of every company file, everywhere.

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Superior Encryption Solutions

Vaultize uses DRM and at-source encryption to protect critical data from unauthorized access and data leakage in case of loss, compromise or theft.

Vaultize enables continuous data protection through DRM-on-storage and continuous endpoint backup. The policy-based endpoint protection automatically DRM-encrypts files / folders and maintains versions of files in real time (including open files like Outlook PST). Vaultize empowers IT teams with policies to protect, encrypt and back up files/folders, ensuring zero data leakage and robust data loss prevention.

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Unprecedented Enterprise File Security

To secure files "at rest" and “in motion” during storage, access, sharing and protection, Vaultize encrypts data on the device itself even before it’s transmitted over a secure TLS connection.

Vaultize is the only solution that performs encryption and de-duplication together at the source, using patent-pending technology — making it the most secure and efficient solution available in the market.


Integration with leading anti-virus and content-aware DLP solutions allows administrators to set policies to block or allow file transfers depending on the scan results from the AV / DLP solution.

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